No one has asked us anything so maplejane.ca doesn't have a FAQ...

But you're looking at this page, reading these words, so you want to know the real facts about maplejane.
That's cool, we appreciate that.
There's lots of websites, some are legal, most aren't.

maplejane has access to already licensed producers from before legalization.
Our growers have already been doing this for years, legally.
Now they continue this work, as well as separate commercial endeavors.

Because our growers are established professionals, maplejane bud is top quality. 
It's the same stuff that's been winning awards for years.
We're just not blowing our horn about it. (Pretty Canadian, eh?)
It's also not coming from a large corporation with acreages of warehouse space.
It hasn't been stepped on by the government and gone moldy.
A solitary worker stores more corporate weed in Kamloops.

We are the people who were doing this before it was cool.
It is a point of pride that our marijuana is perfect in every way.

maplejane marijuana is legally produced, period. End of story...

Now, can we deliver it to you?
Well, no actually.

The BC government, (not other provinces!) has decreed that only government websites can sell and send marijuana.

We at maplejane fly in the face of laws protecting monopolies, as do other sites.
Some of those sites are fronts for other things they wish to sell you.
Some of them are truly the work of bad people, doing bad things.

maplejane only sells marijuana bud in bags. Plain, simple, natural. Tried, tested, true.
It works like it has worked for thousands of years.

You buy it. You smoke it. It's a simple prescription.

If we get busted for being the sole proprietors of a legally registered business attempting to sell a legally produced product, (in a "sometimes illegal" way) we bet our legal defense will be strong and our figures small. Certainly in comparison to big business or other, criminal websites.

We are just artisans and craftspeople, scientists and farmers.
We operate on a public blogging site for crying out loud!
At any rate, if we get in trouble for trying to use a public forum to display our wares, the trouble will be ours alone.

You have to have a relationship with some kind of provider.
That's the way it has always been.
And everything in this fledgling economy is up for debate. 
maplejane is at least designed to be easy. 
this is what we've got
this is what it costs
We're not farting around with potions or machinery. It's bud in bags.

The price is a bit more than you're probably used to, if you've got a good friend.
But it's probably better than you're used to, sorry good friend...

And if you're in Bitter Windchill, Manitoba or Northern Bush Squat, Ontario, you may very well have no good friend to help you out.

maplejane is here for you, across this great nation of ours, let's build a relationship

email brian@maplejane.ca today, introduce yourself.

Order some of the best bud in the world.

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